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Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre at the Arena Mexico in San Luis Potosi.











More on Lucha Libre and something completely unrelated at Van en van.


Hey! is running an interview with me today about my work with the Norman Einstein’s as part of our print anthology’s Kickstarter campaign. It’s all about photography and writing and sports! Check it out and Thanks to Alex Wong for the support!



Hey you sports fans (and everyone else!)

Norman Einsteins Sports & Rocket Science Monthly, a sports monthly I shot for, is issuing a print anthology of our greatest hits. It is going to look really awesome and made of one of my favorite all-time materials: PAPER.

Please check out our trailer and kick us a buck or two if you can. Any donation of $10 or more will receive a copy of the anthology (a deal, considering its production costs are something like $12. Do the math.)

Thanks in advance for any contribution you can make!

men on a wire

One of these guys was walking this line (clipped in) when we were driving by, causing us all to point and gasp. We waited for him to do it again but they were futzing with the line and their photographer so we left. People are crazy.

future director in action

ultimate dance party


I haven’t shot sports in so long that it didn’t even occur to put my camera in multi-shot mode. Half of my ultimate frisbee photos look like some kind of weird men’s ballet.

game over


As seen in The Norman Einstein’s Unified Field Theory back at the beginning of the season–you know, when we were all filled with hope.

Shooting Giants

The sports monthly that I contribute to regularly has transformed into a sports weekly, and I shot and reported this week’s feature. It’s a Q&A with my friend Suzanna Mitchell, who is in her fourth season as one of the photographers for the San Francisco Giants. The interview will be of interest to photographers, baseball fans, Giants fans, and people who like sparkly things.

Check it out online at the Norman Einstein’s new weekly, Unified Field Theory.

tennis for one

Playing against a backboard is quite exhausting.

tennis for one

I usually last only 30 minutes or so before I have to call it quits. The ball comes back really fast; I have to hit it really hard for it to come back with any zip on it, and I also have to run down Hyde Street every so often when one of my misfires launches out over the backboard.

Last week I was hitting around when the guy who was playing basketball asked if I wanted to hit around. He was older, maybe approaching sixty, and I said sure. We rallied a little and then I told him I needed to take a break. He wanted to play some more, so I dogged around until I angled a shot wide, sending him running for it off the side. Immediately after returning the shot (which I half-heartedly ran for and missed), he clutched the fence, winced in pain, and then made straight for the bench to gather his things.

I tried to make him feel better by telling him I’d hurt my ankle several years ago and it took a long time to heal. He took off in a hurry, trying not to show pain. After he’d left, I realized he’d left one of his balls behind.

the wrestlers

In Trinidad, we happened across a bunch of schoolboys involved in some kind of wrestling practice. This was outdoors; that funny background is just painted that way.

Boys Wrestling in Trinidad, Cuba

One of my more popular photos…I like it, too.

rebel yell

I love how surfers run into the water, like they just can’t wait to plunge into the freezing cold surf. When I used to live by the beach on Fulton or Taraval or Balboa, I would often see surfers running down the sidewalk in their wetsuits.


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