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comings and goings

Landing back at Changi International Airport in Singapore after the few days in Langkawi.


I wonder when we will meet again.

my kind of traffic jam

My friend Nicole and I took a break from the Singapore life and hopped a budget flight to Langkawi, a Malaysian island. I forget that traveling to other countries is so easy…from other countries. Anyhow, Singapore closed its airspace for a few hours for some military exercise, and all the flights were delayed for a few hours. Here, you can see all the planes lined up behind us to take off, most of them fellow budget airlines doing short flights of a few hours or less.


this little island

This is the view of Singapore from the New Asia bar on the 70th floor of the Stamford Hotel. You can see the river below.


The population of Singapore in 2005 was around 4.5 million, and it is currently the third most densely populated country in the world, far behind Macau and Monaco, but slightly ahead of Hong Kong.

home of the $3 lunch

This is how we eat in Singapore: casually, cheaply, and often. This is downtown in the financial district, where I had duck noodle soup for $3 and a cup of coffee for 80 cents.


the gambling life

I know this is not a great photo. But I just had to show you how weird this building is. It’s the new Sands Casino that just opened last week. That boat-like structure perched atop the towers houses a gigantic swimming pool. It just looks so funny.


The casino is a really big deal here. It is only the second casino in Singapore. Singaporeans have to pay $100 to get in, while everyone else gets in for free. The government, I suppose, doesn’t want its people to develop gambling problems.

the singapore river

The Singapore River, like many cosmopolitan rivers, is lined with fancy cafes, bars, and restaurants. Mid-day is not a popular time for boat tours, since it is so hot. The boat in this photo is only carrying half-a-dozen passengers.


This is Robertson Quay, sandwiched between the Vegas-like Clarke Quay (where I had my first Singapore Sling when I was 19 years old) and Boat Quay.

sunday temple post

This is a little temple on Ann Siang Hill, this darling neighborhood full of design shops. I like how all these ornate temples are just tucked here and there, next to a colorless building, on top of the road.


singapore sweat

This is a pretty common sight in Singapore: older buildings covered in air-conditioning units. It is hot here. Did you know that? More humid than hot, really. A typical day here is 30C (86F) with 90-99% humidity. That’s right, I said it: 99 PERCENT HUMIDITY.


I am in a constant state of sweat.

best fire escapes ever

I read on Wikipedia that 80 percent of Singaporeans live in public housing. The public housing ranges from tall high rises to shorter buildings like these, near Arab Street. Aren’t these stairs cool?


concrete park

Now that I’m getting over my jetlag, I can start to shoot some night photos!


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