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tent hair

I love this photo of my friend Halley at seven in the morning.

angel of the morning II

laundry days

Tangiers, Morocco. 2007.


I’ll always remember this day. It was the end of an era, the day I really left San Francisco.



A family on a live-work tourist boat in Hue, Vietnam on the Perfume River.

floating fruit

Fruit vendors in Ha Long Bay, where we stopped to kayak.


little prince

We came across these kids playing a basic get-the-rock-closer-the-other-rock game in an alley on Cat Ba island. This kid wasn’t one of them. He saw our cameras and then just stood around in his cool denim jacket and postured, hoping to get his picture taken. I took this one when he wasn’t sucking in his gut.



We came across this temple on Cat Ba Island where a man was doing touch-up work on all the characters. In fluorescent pink.


I love his beret.


On Christmas Day, we stumbled across this area just in Hanoi, just adjacent to this large, gated park where all of these men brought their roosters out to fight. They had their ankles taped, and the birds would sort of dance around each other and fly at the other, and the men would intervene if it got too intense. Then they would carefully rub them down, make them drink water, and eat grass.


Because nothing says Christmas like a cockfight!

down by the river


Here in the foreground, you can see this boy is carrying a basket of snack-food items that he’s hoping to sell to the people on the boat (us). I like this photo because you can really see here how complex and rocky the Mekong is. It’s no simple thing to navigate this river.

ladies of the night

Dusk at the market in Dalat, Vietnam.


shades of grey


Overlooking the South China Sea in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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