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washington heights

A view of the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River Parkway.

Hudson River Parkway

pop shot

At a house party somewhere in Brooklyn–not last summer, but the summer before–these guys were shooting air rifles to these targets they’d set up on the neighboring rooftop.

Pop Shot

I would never have remembered this if it hadn’t been for this photo. What I would have remembered more was that I had a couchsurfer with me and he almost got arrested on the JMZ platform for smoking. The police were really aggressive, but what was worse was that we missed a train and had to wait a long time for the next one.

in the end

Everything looks beautiful–if you look at it in the right way.

PS 186

my favorite place in NYC

This is my favorite view in all of New York City. It’s the Renwick Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island, the narrow strip of land in the East River between Manhattan and Queens. Behind the hospital, you can see the 59th Street bridge, which spans the island but there isn’t an exit, which is weird. You can’t drive to the island; you can only gain access to it on the subway (F) or the endlessly fascinating funicular.

Renwick Hospital

This photo was taken in February, 2009. The ruins of the hospital were under renovation for the preparation of South Point Park. (Last I heard, it was going to be turned into a café.) My friend and I sneaked in to shoot this photo just as the sun was rising, and we had the entire tip of the island to ourselves. It was a truly amazing feeling to be alone on an island wedged between two boroughs.

bronx views

A photo from February 2009, from Highbridge Park in upper Manhattan. This is a view of The Bronx over the East River. It was one of the first photos I took that my militant Israeli photography teacher approved of. I still remember what she said: “Now this–this is interesting.”

Bronx Views

sky queen

This photo is from last year but I just re-discovered it. It’s the Unisphere in Corona Park / Flushing Meadows, Queens.


a little geekout

I went to see my friend’s hardcore band play Tuesday night, and tested a new (well, new to me) camera that can shoot at 3200 ISO. This number refers to film sensitivity, meaning that it can make images in very low light. And that’s important because I shoot a lot in bad light and don’t like using a flash.

Let’s geek out for a second. Here’s a photo I shot Tuesday night in Chicago. I have clearer ones, but I like this the best. Not sure what produced that green flare spot.


So, that one above was shot with the Canon Mark III. Compare that with this shot of Sugar & Gold I took in New York last year with the Mark II.

Sugar & Gold at The Delancey

See how much grainier the second one is? It was also shot at 3200 ISO, f 4.0, with a focal length of 24mm. This first shot was exposed a touch longer (1/15 as opposed to 1/25 of a second, but I never said this was a scientific comparison. The lighting conditions were also different–probably equally crappy, but different.)

In any case, I approve. I would have loved this sort of low-light resolution during the blackouts in Buenos Aires.

love in the barn

A year ago, my dear friends Sue and Chris got married at the Queens County Farm Museum.

nice night for a wedding don'cha think?

Happy Anniversary, I love you guys.


I was redoing my website and came across one of my old favorites from the summer, when I shot this amateur boxing match in New York. These were adolescents, and while some of them were quite fearless, I think the huge crowd (a warm evening on Pier 84) made a lot of them nervous. And the horrible bankers there screaming obscenities at the kids fighting probably didn’t make it any better. I had some sweet press access–elbows on the ring–and their anxiety was palpable.

Rumble on the River XV

This was my first photo assignment for Issue 3 of Norman Einstein’s Magazine.

just a reminder

I’m attending the wedding today of my oldest friend.


I took this photo my first full summer in New York, in June 2008.

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