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drum roll

This was a party.


the great kate

Two years ago today…Kate Simko at Cocoliche in Buenos Aires.



And now for something completely different…here’s a song my friend DJ E wrote for me, complete with footage from Chicago.






Drummer's Duties





this is hardcore

My other favorite photo from my buddy’s hardcore show last week.


a little geekout

I went to see my friend’s hardcore band play Tuesday night, and tested a new (well, new to me) camera that can shoot at 3200 ISO. This number refers to film sensitivity, meaning that it can make images in very low light. And that’s important because I shoot a lot in bad light and don’t like using a flash.

Let’s geek out for a second. Here’s a photo I shot Tuesday night in Chicago. I have clearer ones, but I like this the best. Not sure what produced that green flare spot.


So, that one above was shot with the Canon Mark III. Compare that with this shot of Sugar & Gold I took in New York last year with the Mark II.

Sugar & Gold at The Delancey

See how much grainier the second one is? It was also shot at 3200 ISO, f 4.0, with a focal length of 24mm. This first shot was exposed a touch longer (1/15 as opposed to 1/25 of a second, but I never said this was a scientific comparison. The lighting conditions were also different–probably equally crappy, but different.)

In any case, I approve. I would have loved this sort of low-light resolution during the blackouts in Buenos Aires.


When Suze and I were in Montevideo over Christmas, we met these kids dancing to tektonika music in a plaza in the Ciudád Vieja (Old City). They surrounded us when we approached them and everyone was hollering at once. At first I was a little scared–adolescents scare me–but then they shouted “Welcome!” in unison.


See the complete set here. They taught us some moves and were just generally awesome.

bang the drum

I went to a jazz club called Thelonius twice this past week. Here’s a drummer during the second set Friday night.


a little night music

I went to a little house party last weekend and toted my camera. This photo is in the beginning of the night, before the dancing but after the empanadas. I liked this guy’s socks.


Because my Spanish is still coming along, parties can be really hard for me–you know, the whole not being able to communicate thing. But if there’s music and dancing, I can hang with that.

Queen of the Underground

Saturday night I went to hear Kate Simko play at Cocoliche . Shooting with zero light is challenging but you can come up with some fantastic things if you keep your wits about you.


I love the colors here. It was a fantastic show, and you can see how incredibly beautiful people are when they are totally in their element. How funny that a dark, sweaty basement can be one’s element…!

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