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These crabs in Langkawi, Malaysia are about the size of a quarter. They burrow out little holes in the sand, unearthing perfect sand-balls in the process.


island hopping

More Langkawi. Langkawi is actually a collection of 99 islands, but most are uninhabited. A fun thing to do if you just want to get on a boat is to take the “island hopping” tour, which takes you around to two of them, one with a freshwater lake called the Island of the Pregnant Maiden.

Island Hopping

The boats also make a middle stop to feed the eagles–which you’re really not supposed to do, as it encourages dependency on people for food.


My birder parents say this is actually a braminy kite, and not an eagle.

not an hors d’oeuvre

I haven’t fired a single shot since I returned to Buenos Aires. Like I said, I been WORKING! But I’m still going to post some photos. This one is at a curbside eating joint in Langkawi, Malaysia. That dotted yellow sheet next to the bowl of hard-boiled eggs is not something delicious–it’s a piece of flypaper, covered in flies. And there’s another in the background, in front of the seated guy.


Better next to than in the food, amiriiiight?

creepy deliciousness

This guy was pretty entertaining. He was educated in either Oxford or Cambridge and now he runs this seafood restaurant in Langkawi. He took us in the back and was introducing us to all of our potential dinner partners.



This is the hostel we stayed at in Langkawi, Zackry’s Guest House. I was surprised to meet so many older people staying there, and so many long-term residents. One Czech family we met had been staying there for nine months. This is some of their contingency, making dinner.


We also met people from Estonia, Italy, Qatar, Goa, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and Australia. If you count me as being “from” Buenos Aires, we had all six inhabited continents represented.

chunky monkey

The monkeys on one of the islands nearby are a bit…aggressive. We saw one attack a woman with a backpack, and when she screamed and dropped her pack, it removed a bottle of juice in one of the side pockets before scampering up a tree.


This kind of tourist-wildlife relationship isn’t good for anyone. The monkeys learn to attack the tourists, and then they end up living off of sugary soda and potato chips. Next thing you know, they’ll be insulting us and trying to rent us kayaks.

lost in langkawi

There is no transportation on Langkawi, so the thing to do is to rent some wheels. Nicole and I rented this sassy little number to cruise around the island one day in search of the highly disappointing “black sand beach.” Driving was so much fun, though–the traffic wasn’t too scary, and people were okay with how slow we were going. I haven’t been on two wheels in almost three years (and I’ve never driven on the left side of the road before–at least not on purpose) but it was so mellow and warm and wonderful. I can tell that is what I’ll be doing in my dreams.


Even though there are only about three roads on the island, we got lost. We stopped to ask directions at this far superior beach where you could see Koh Lipe, an island that is part of Thailand. This guy was hawking beverages and tours and gave us great directions, as well as his surprisingly fancy business card.

up up and awaaay

This might be my favorite photo from the Langkawi trip. I like the lighting and the colors and the feeling of stillness, although we all know this is not the case. Parasailing is so weird. I tried it once. It didn’t really work out. I ended up being dragged through the sea, tangled in the parachute lines, terrified of jellyfish.


And, as part of this Sunday two-fer, I’ll tell you who this is a photo of. His name is Jalil, and he is a member of the Iranian cycling team. They’d come to Malaysia for a race and they had the most amazing tan lines from all the hours of cycling in the sun.


an island away

Seeing people enjoying the water in their street clothes is so enchanting, like they are fluid aqua-terra creatures. Me, when I got to Peru without my bathing suit, I had to go purchase one.


Of course, if we all just dipped nekkid it would be even better.

Malaysia, oh my…! I know I said that the beach in Punta del Diablo (Uruguay) was amazing, but this…sheesh! The water was so warm and the sand was so fine…oh yes, we’ve heard this all before. But it bears repeating. Many forms of paradise are similar, I suppose–the way that happy families are all alike.

Malaysia and Singapore

I didn’t shoot photos in Malaysia and Singapore. All I did was eat.

Food court at night in Singapore.

Noodle man in Ipoh.

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