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little prince

We came across these kids playing a basic get-the-rock-closer-the-other-rock game in an alley on Cat Ba island. This kid wasn’t one of them. He saw our cameras and then just stood around in his cool denim jacket and postured, hoping to get his picture taken. I took this one when he wasn’t sucking in his gut.


night life

San Sebastián last summer.


more desert kids

I think it would be cool to grow up in the desert.


This kid has a coyote for a pet.


It made me remember these mountain kids I met in Mendoza around this time last year.

the wrestlers

In Trinidad, we happened across a bunch of schoolboys involved in some kind of wrestling practice. This was outdoors; that funny background is just painted that way.

Boys Wrestling in Trinidad, Cuba

One of my more popular photos…I like it, too.

the marty game

I love this kid. He made his a sidewalk version of skee-ball and decided to name it after himself.


I wonder now if he was giving out prizes. And how much money he made. I hope it was a lot.


When Suze and I were in Montevideo over Christmas, we met these kids dancing to tektonika music in a plaza in the Ciudád Vieja (Old City). They surrounded us when we approached them and everyone was hollering at once. At first I was a little scared–adolescents scare me–but then they shouted “Welcome!” in unison.


See the complete set here. They taught us some moves and were just generally awesome.


We spent one night in the town of Burgos, which has a small old city that was filled with people out and about, enjoying tapas and wine outside, even though it was really not that warm. I sat out in the main plaza for a long time, just people watching. It is so nice to see town plazas in action, where everyone just hangs out.


more french beaches

I loved this town, St. Jean de Luz, in Basque France. The architecture was somewhat colonial, and the beach was beautiful and tranquil.



Kids in Biarritz, France, jumping into the harbor from this bridge, and taking running leaps from the parking lot behind.


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