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ghost town

Reno on a Sunday night, where we saw more cops than people on the street and enjoyed a family-style meal with locals at Louis’ Basque Corner.




These are the things you can buy at the market in the old part of Luang Prabang: fish, vegetables, live guinea pigs, charred rats, pairs of live birds in tiny cages to set free for karma points, meat, live chickens, coffee beans, spices.



At the market in Dalat, Vietnam.

nice kitchen

Bahía Los Angeles, Baja California.




I kept seeing pizza signs along the main road in El Rosario, and finally tracked down the source.

dreams and nightmares

I miss Buenos Aires. Last night I was having trouble sleeping and ended up trying to remember the name of the main artery that I lived off of. I was sure it started with an R, M, or C. I was wrong.


Can you believe people actually buy meat from this place?

i’ll toast to that


Monday PB&J night at Doc’s Clock features the use of the bar’s Pabst toaster. That’s right. Why would Pabst make a toaster? How many bars have toasters? That said, I want one. And on a completely related note, I feel sorry for people with peanut allergies. You know how schools have banned peanut butter because people have peanut allergies? How does this work in the world?


Juan making pasta.


cake wreck

Yes, there is a cake hidden under all that whipped cream and all those strawberries.


And it was delicious. I would know, because I ate it for dessert, and then for breakfast two days in a row. Cake wrecks: the gifts that keep on giving.

happy stu

Eating and making food makes the Limpire very happy.



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