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This photo makes me happy.


a room with a view


This is my last photo in my Cuba series, maybe more to come later. I urge all Americans to visit Cuba. It is a fascinating place. Sure, there’s great weather and gentle people, idyllic beaches and sexy cars–but what really made it interesting for me was seeing Castro’s form of communism in action. The regime has succeeded in bringing health care and education to all, but in doing so, they have sacrificed peoples individual hopes and dreams. People carry a languid, dazed air about them as they go about their days, almost as though they are in a dream from which they cannot wake, a dream that they cannot control.

As I discussed in my piece on sports for Norman Einstein’s Sports & Rocket Science Monthly, one of the most direct ways off the island is to defect to a professional sports team (or to suddenly connect with your long-lost, wealthy family living abroad). It is extremely strange to vacation to a place where everyone wants out…and you came in. But you should visit. Visit and see firsthand what the Castro regime has meant for Cubans.

Thousands of Americans visit Cuba each year. This year, my whole family went for Christmas. We flew through Mexico and carried Euros (American credit cards do not work in Cuba, and the exchange rate for American dollars is abominable). I hope you, too, have a chance to see it for yourself.

the twins

What is it about identical twins…dressing identically…


…that never fails to amuse us?

public transportation

In Havana, there are public buses. But once you leave Havana, public transportation looks like this:


The roadways are littered with people hitching rides. Our Cuban guide told us that while policemen have the authority to flag any vehicle and ask them to give rides to people, oftentimes people will just end up waiting on the side of the road all day without any luck, and be forced to return home.

the wrestlers

In Trinidad, we happened across a bunch of schoolboys involved in some kind of wrestling practice. This was outdoors; that funny background is just painted that way.

Boys Wrestling in Trinidad, Cuba

One of my more popular photos…I like it, too.


We went to a pig farm in Trinidad. We had lunch there. It depressed me.


the ride

My folks and I went bird-watching in this 1950 Studebaker.

Playa Larga

window shade

In Trinidad, many of the windows are barred and people stop to chat through the bars.


street life

Everyone hangs out in the streets of Havana.


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