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The city of Hoi An, about 30 minutes south of Da Nang, is charming by day and truly enchanting at night, when the streets are lit with colored lamps.



I found this photo today on my flash drive this rainy Tuesday.


Taken in Lekeitio (Basque Country) last July.


The California Mille is an annual homage to a 1,000-mile automobile race that was held in Italy from 1927-1957. The 50-odd cars that participate in this exhibition drive are beautifully maintained cars from (roughly) those years, with a heavy bias toward Alfa Romeo Spyders. Here are some of the cars right before they took off on their 4-day trek in the North Bay Monday morning.


whacky holidays

A market in Mexico DF hawking mostly holiday wares the week before Christmas.


the basics

We found ourselves in the historic center of Mexico City just days before Christmas. It was so crowded with people that sometimes it was hard to move. Because I find photography to be extremely difficult in crowded, overwhelming places, I focused on the few things that I normally shoot. Like Volkswagen Beetles.


Many of the taxis in Mexico City are Volkswagen Beetles. But aside from that, the city is just teeming with them. It seemed like every tenth car I saw was a Beetle.

just pick me up some sausage


happy thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the one family event that is non-negotiable, more so than Christmas. It’s kind of funny, though, because in our family, every day is like Thanksgiving. We loves to eat! This is on New Year’s Day, 2009, in Malaysia.


thursday duo

Post office boxes in Sea Ranch (Sonoma):

And mailboxes at the harbor in Sausalito:

thursday vertical


i need a job

Or just this bike.


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