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starry starry night


the desert

Everybody loves the desert.


nice kitchen

Bahía Los Angeles, Baja California.


silver twinkies

After my graduation in New York, my folks and I spent a few days up in the Catskills at Kate’s Lazy Meadow, this motel owned by Kate Pierson of the B-52’s. All the cabins had really sweet interiors–like polka-dotted lampshades and retro dinnerware. You can also rent out one of their old-school vintage Airstreams, parked right on the Esopus River. I fell into the river trying to get a good shot of a sea otter.

Silver Twinkies

fire on a hillside

Last weekend we camped perched atop a hill in Los Padres National Forest. Did you know it’s free to camp in the national forest? You’ve got to crap in a hole, but at least you’ve got spectacular views while doing said business.

Los Padres National Forest

game night

Every time we go camping, I insist on playing Scrabble.


My good friend from high school convinced me of the utility of owning a travel Scrabble one week when I visited him in Norfolk, Virginia. This travel Scrabble set is permanently stationed in the Westy. And yes, even though English is Juan’s second language, he regularly beats me at Scrabble. It’s still fun, though!

morning glory

Sunrise in Memorial Park, Pescadero.



Breakfast in the Westy. What a miracle to have toasted bagels and hot coffee first thing in the morning in our little campsite by the ocean.


walking the dog


campground host

I love this photo because it looks like Juan is doing some Christmas trick-or-treating in an RV park.


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