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hula hula


i’ll toast to that


Monday PB&J night at Doc’s Clock features the use of the bar’s Pabst toaster. That’s right. Why would Pabst make a toaster? How many bars have toasters? That said, I want one. And on a completely related note, I feel sorry for people with peanut allergies. You know how schools have banned peanut butter because people have peanut allergies? How does this work in the world?



I haven’t been keeping up on the photos because I’ve been busy lately, being a ninja.

At The Rumpus‘s literary event last month at The Make-Out Room.

the missus

I never realized how sexy Ms. Pac Man is.



Most of my friends have birthdays around this time of year. Could there be some astrological meaning behind this?

All I know is that we’re getting older, and we sure can’t drink like we used to. But we try.


hands up

I watched the game at this little bar on Polk Street called Cresta’s. One woman in orange was discarding peanut shells on the ground and drinking white wine.


working weekends


Rose’s in Wicker Park, Chicago.

wishful drinking

I hope your Saturday night plans look a little better than this. And that your Friday was a lot more interesting.


one for the road

Here’s a shot from Burgos in Spain, where I got chased away by the bartender seconds after taking this shot of a man on a mission.


bang the drum

I went to a jazz club called Thelonius twice this past week. Here’s a drummer during the second set Friday night.


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