Berkeley-based The Bark published a piece I wrote about tips on traveling with a dog overland through the Americas. I had originally just intended to write an extended blog piece about it for Van en Van, but I’ve realized I have to be a little more savvy about what I publish for free, when a lot of publications will pass on material that has been published online, even if it’s just on your personal blog.


The article turned out nice. The Bark’s editors were a pleasure to work with, and they even took on the task of combing through my collection of 1,000+ trip photos to make the final selection for the four-page spread. Milo is definitely the most photogenic of the three of us, and since they were looking through my photos, the only photo of me that made it in was a dashboard selfie of us driving through Patagonia in my knitted poncho with Milo sitting on my lap.



The article brought back a lot of great memories. Find it at dog-specialty stores.