The Bark Magazine | Fall 2014

Southbound Hound
Set your GPS south on the Pan-American Highway for the ultimate road trip with your best friend.


Catalog Magazine | February 2011

Global Shopping Haunts: Montevideo
Catalog February 2011 The Uruguayan capital city is as fresh and calm as the Río Plata that snakes along its banks. Hop a three-hour ferry over the river from Buenos Aires and enjoy Montevideo’s sunny beaches, the traditional port preserved in the Ciudád Vieja (Old City) and, of course, a bustling shopping scene full of local and imported fashions as diverse as the city itself.


Catalog Magazine | December 2010

Global Shopping Haunts: San Sebastián
Catalog December 2010 Although officially a part of Spain, glamorous San Sebastián is the heart of the Basque Country. Locals call their hometown by its Basque name, Donostia, and many don’t care to stray too far from its laid-back culture of surfers, casual, well-heeled crowds, and sunset strolls along the rambling coast along the Bay of Biscay, all set against the murmur of the local language, Euskara. While browsing the mixture of independent boutiques and Spanish mega-brands, take a long lunch to enjoy pintxos (Basque tapas available at all hours of the day), even when many of the stores have a midday siesta.


Catalog Magazine | August 2010

Global Shopping Haunts : Buenos Aires
Catalog December 2010Buenos Aires is a city that takes its time. With a laid-back café culture, late-night dining habits, and a strange aptitude for queuing, the porteños—as the locals are called—are not ones to hurry. But with a sublime blend of French elegance, Italian food, Spanish romance, and a passion that is distinctly Argentine, life in this capital city demands relishing each distinct flavor. And that takes time.


Afar | July 2010

Easy as ABC
ais kacangAt a night market in Ipoh, Malaysia, I dug into a 10-inch tower of crushed ice doused with bright colored syrups and piled with tropical goodies. Called ABC, short for air batu campur (literally, mixed ice), the psychedelic-looking treat is served everywhere in Malyasia and Singapore—from street stalls to restaurants. Toppings include crunchy peanuts, silky noodles made from pandan leaves, slippery black grass jelly cubes, and chewy attap chee, a sweet palm fruit. After eating all the confections in my bowl, I slurped the melted ice down to the last, cold drop.

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Inked | April 2010

GO Guide: Destination Buenos Aires
Ernesto VasquezErnesto Vasquez could have worked anywhere. And he has made his Buenos Aires studio, Historia de Mi Vida, (Story of My Life, just as international as the city itself. The busy Palermo studio welcomes a roster of revolving artists from around the world, and Vasquez and his two partners spend a few months each year working abroad, usually in Spain, Brazil, or Germany, collecting new skills to augment their global styles. “People come from Europe and the States to get inked here,” he says, drawn by cheaper prices and the burgeoning custom culture in the city.


Time Out New York | September 2009

Belmont Park’s Fall Championship Meet
belmont parkGet schooled on the races, betting lingo and more at this century-old Nassau County racetrack.


neglected metropolis | April 2009

vacant and abandoned space in new york city
book coverAn exploration of vacant and abandoned property throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Photography by Stephanie Lim. Co-written with James Cocks.

The vacant and abandoned property story is another one of New York City’s paradoxes. Despite homelessness, lack of housing, and skyrocketing development costs, large portions of the city remain vacant and abandoned.

Combating vacancy and abandonment rates is critical in maintaining vibrant communities. The persistence of such spaces suggest both market and structural inefficiencies in property management and redistribution. These neglected properties cause public health and safety concerns while also imposing costs on the surrounding community by decreasing property values and imposing tax burdens.