My name is Stephanie Lim. I was born and raised in Illinois and currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area with seven roommates: my mom and dad, my little brother and sister-in-law, my life partner, and our two dogs. It is an amazing place filled with solar panels, Mexican sage, hummingbirds, and power tools.

As a writer and photographer, I have run the gamut from fashion to sports and economics to education, but my true passion lies in personal narrative and travel. Most recently, I have returned from a 20-month journey overland from San Francisco to the tip of Argentine Patagonia, documenting the experiences at Van en van, the travel blog I maintain with my partner, Juan.

There are a lot of Stephanie Lims in the world.  We are real estate agents, martial arts masters, and even a Miss Malaysia pageant finalist, as well as other writers and photographers. While it’s a great name borne by many wonderful women, the sisterhood makes it hard to secure a decent email address or domain name. The site name ‘Limpire’ came from my clever wordsmith buddy Eric Christopher Adams, who used it to describe my large and impressive family.

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